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miss all you, dudes

I have a new phone abd finally it's mine. It was stolen in Spb last month. I'm so happy now, so that's it.
BTW guys, why didn't you commented on my last post? I miss all you though I couldn't be here for a while, but now I'm going to read, comment and post. Summer's over and time for work, study and weekend paeties is coming!!

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EVERYTHING is going to be okay!

It's hard to complain, when I have to choose between mascara of DIOR and CHANEL. It's hard to complain when I wake up in the morning and the gorgeous man is lying next to me. It's hard to complain when my mp3player is full of awesome music, that makes my day.

And frankly speaking I don't want to complain.



Soupy, Casey, Candyman, Matty and Josh! I miss you badly!! We had such a great time here in Russia!


three days in haven

In less than 12 hours we'll be in SPb. I'm so excited about all this, that I even can't sit still! When I'll be back I promise to read all your journals, because I had no time for it before.
I love you all!!
I'll post here later today if I have time before the train.
New haircut. I love it. And you?

P.S.: sorry for not commenting, just don't have enough time

Writer's Block: Firsts

What was the subject title of your first-ever LJ entry?
My first entry was called My first entry!
I have a lack of imagination, apparently xD

Jul. 5th, 2009

Yesterday I literally lost my hash virginity.

My mistakes

Me and mom are in the same room when we use our computers, because hers is a big PC and mine is a laptop, but I need Internet connection. So, we usually sit in the same room, but we write emails to each other, while being in the same(!) room. Today I just decided to show her one of my latest poems and I don't like to read it out loud, so I wrote her a letter. And when after 5 minutes it didn't come. It was strange and I decided to check out if I had a right address (she changed it a while ago). And I found out that it was wrong! So, somebody just got an email from me at 3 a.m. Nice.

And tomorrow is going to be a hard day, because today I did almost nothing, so I will have to work hard to learn everything for my last exam on world economics. Fuck, it's not that difficult, but I don't like this damn class.


Cobra Starship. Love them, happy to find this band. Another dancing one.

i came here to make you danse tonight
i don't care if i'm a guilty pleasure for you
shut up cos we won't stop
and were getting down till the sun's coming up

P.S.: Hogwash added me on myspace oO


Writer's Block: RIP Michael Jackson

In honor of the King of Pop: What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?
Maybe Billie Jean, it's really cool.The lyrics are great, really.

i need some energy

I found something to put my anger in - fitness. It really helps. BTW I need to lose some weight  and some centimeters from my waist. Yup, I'm too fat! Do you think that 127lbs is normal for 5'3"? I think that's not. And yeah, I have an awful paunch so I look like I'm pregnant.